Always eat between meals

When you are hiking, keeping energy levels up in the form of an easy to eat, no prep-time snack l is really important. I have probably spent more time sampling different trail snacks than meals – which probably explains why my built-in base layer is so efficient lol!An idea snack meets some critical needs; It has to taste good, give you a burst of energy, be easy on the bank balance and be fairly small and light.There are some fairly common ingredients including oats, sugar, honey, dried fruits, nuts and chocolate. Many of the commercially available snacks are vegan and vegetarian and nut free options are available.I have got 5 different snacks together for a bit of a comparison against the traditional staples of M&Ms and Mars bars. With the exception of the Outdoor Provisions bar, all are available from supermarkets, in fact the fruit mix came from our local corner shop.
Ve – Suitable for vegetariansVg – Suitable for vegansAllergens: All products should be checked for allergens
The final column in the table shows the amount of energy per gram for each snack. As you can see there’s not a lot of difference across the range however, there are cost differences.
Recommendations? All are tasty, and I do love throwing M&Ms into my trail mix. For those who are concerned about what they put in their bodies, the Outdoor Provisions and Nakd bars have the fewest, most natural ingredients with the Nut Butter Cups (sadly) having the most complex recipe including palm fat. I will be throwing a few of the Bars for Breakfast into my food stash to try as an alternative for my usual granola or muesli breakfast to make striking camp a little quicker.

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